Whether contemplating a new customized healthcare facility, a collaborative tenancy development, or speculative healthcare project, we advise clients to consider following aspects before proceeding without the commitment of a Professional Development Manager.

  • Are we aware of all the many costs that go into our new project and do we have the expertise to create a detailed budget that accurately forecasts “Total” Project Cost?
  • Are we aware of the numerous other professionals that need to be hired and coordinated in addition to the Architect and the General Contractor? Such as a construction attorney, a testing and inspection agency, a geotechnical engineer, a surveyor, an appraiser, etc.
  • Do we understand that even the “best” Architect and the “best” General Contractor need a tremendous amount of coordination and direction to ensure our needs are incorporated into the new facility, and that every one of our dollars are being spent wisely?
  • Are we really aware of what competitive market design fees, competitive construction fees, and overhead are appropriate for this size and type of building?
  • Do we have the expertise, and the time to coordinate the permitting and entitlement process with the City, County or State, in addition to the efforts of the Architect?
  • Do we have the time and expertise to manage the Value Engineering and the Change Order process for the Architect, Engineers, and the General Contractor?
  • Can we ensure that both our Architect and our General Contractor complete their work on time? Can we settle disagreements between Architect and Contractor or other consultants?
  • Does your staff have a great deal of time to devote to learning the development process and execute the project over the next year?

In consideration to these questions, our involvement ensures that the proper professionals for your building are retained, that their fees are competitive, their contracts properly negotiated to protect your rights and minimize your risks. And overall have built a quality facility, in a reasonable time frame, for a competitive price.